I have five older sisters. Yes, there are SIX of us, all girls, no boys. I adore my sisters. They taught me how to do every single thing from walking and talking (sassy) to roller skating, riding my bike, and studying. There is almost a sixteen year gap between my oldest sister, Kelly, and me, meaning most of my sisters were grown and out of the house when I was very young. I don’t remember well the days when we were all under one roof, eating dinner together at our enormous round kitchen table, or spending weekends together at our lake house at the Ozarks. In fact, it’s difficult to decipher which of my memories is actually mine or stories I’ve heard through the years. Even though we didn’t all live together for a very long time, we have remained close over the years. They are the people who know me best. I don’t speak to any of them very often over the phone, and most of us don’t live close to each other, so we only see each other once or twice a year at most. But we can always pick up right where we left off.

This weekend two of my sisters from Colorado and Arizona are flying to Raleigh to spend the weekend with the two of us who are local to celebrate my 40th birthday. Two of my sisters are unable to make the trip and I will miss them, but I am so excited to spend some quality time with these three amazing women. I know we will laugh until our cheeks and our sides hurt, and we will talk and talk until it’s time for them to return home.

Right now, my house is quiet and clean, everything in its place awaiting their arrival. There is so much anticipation in this silence. By 7pm this evening, we will have candles lit, music playing, wine flowing, and talking and laughter filling every corner. That spirit will fill this house and my heart until they leave Tuesday morning. I will be sad when they go home, but I always know they’re just a phone call away and no matter what happens in life, they will always be in my corner.


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