Rain, Rain, Go Away

Waking up this morning to ANOTHER rainy day (I think it’s #8), thanks to Hurricane Joaquin, I am thankful for some very simple things.

#1 Rain boots. A person cannot get any closer to having super powers than wearing rain boots. Splash away in the puddles, all day long, feet stay dry.

#2 Windshield wipers. The ones in my car automatically adjust their speed to keep my view as clear as possible. I’m living the life.

#3 School. Thank goodness I’m not trying to entertain any children indoors today! On the flip side, I feel sorry for the teachers because those kids have got to be going crazy.

The promise of several more days of rain reminds me of one of my first cars. It was my favorite. A gray 1985 Honda Accord. My sister Tracy owned it before me. It had a new tape deck and FM radio, power windows, leather seats, manual transmission, and a sunroof. I thought I was so cool driving that car.

One rainy morning, I came out of my apartment complex and got into my Honda to drive to UNC for school, about a 35 minute drive. I tucked myself into my dry car, keeping the umbrella up until my head was inside and dry. Then I closed the umbrella, quickly pulled it inside the car and shut the door. I turned up my radio and started the drive. As I applied pressure on my brakes at the first red light, a waterfall came down onto my head, over my shoulders, and into my lap, soaking me to the bone! Apparently, as the rain fell all night, it leaked into the car’s roof through the sunroof and waited there for me!

I vaguely remember what happened after that. I think I went to school anyway because I had a test or a paper due. I did go out almost immediately to buy the longest, most waterproof raincoat I could find. After that day, every time it rained, I would get into the car, zip up my coat, and pull on the hood.

I actually still miss that car and all of those good memories.

When the sun does finally return (maybe on Tuesday?) it will be so amazing. It will feel so warm and bright and refreshing. More than if we’d already had two weeks of sunny days before that. So let us be thankful for the rain, for it helps us truly appreciate the sunshine.


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